Tribute by Christ J. Kamages, FAIA (MArch '72)

Christ Kamages.

Published May 7, 2020

"When I was an undergraduate school at the Boston Architectural Center in the 1960s, architecture was in in a chaotic state. I was in a studio at the center headed by Walter Kroner that focused on rational architecture and problem solving in the design profession.

When it was announced that Buffalo had a new school, with a dynamic new Dean whose principles were focused on making architecture responsive to the needs of society – instead of the other way around – it was, for me, an immediate choice.

I believe the BAC and metro Boston in general sent a number of students to Buffalo. It created a situation that definitely had our friends shaking their heads: “Why would you leave Boston to go to Buffalo.” But it was very obvious to all of us.

John Eberhard and his new school made the difference. The spirit and sense of mission was indescribable. It gave us all an incredible foundation. May his memory be eternal."

Chris Kamages, FAIA, is principal and director of design of CJK Design Group, an architecture, planning and design firm with a focus on faith and cultural, social/community facilities.