Enrollment FAQs & Tips

Frequently asked questions about enrolling at UBCCC.


Getting Placed/Staying on the Waiting List

An online waitlist is maintained independently for both centers. Parents/guardians can register online to let us know their preferences for enrollment. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assure that all online application information is kept current. Contact the Administrative Assistant of your preferred site for more information. Waitlist registrations are prioritized by, (1) date submitted to the center and (2) with the following priorities:

  • Siblings of current UBCCC students at their current facility.
  • Children of current UBCCC Staff.
  • Children of current UB students, staff and faculty.
  • Children of current New York State employees.
  • Children of Community Resident

Families can remain on the waitlist until a space becomes available that meets their needs. Families will be notified of openings via e-mail (see communication question below). If a family is offered a space in the program(s) to which they have applied and declines, their name can remain on the list for the following semester. Once again, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to keep their waitlist account current, including preferred start date.

Why is Enrollment at UBCCC so limited?

There are approximately 29,000 students and 9,000 employees at UB, but only about 200 spaces combined between both center locations.

Other factors that affect placement on the wait list:

  • The number of siblings of currently enrolled families and UBCCC staff members is not predictable.
  • Ages of children in the classroom: We try to balance the ages of the children in each classroom, so that there is room for timely transitions between age groups (based on NYS and NAEYC regulations).
  • Children that might have “aged-out” of their previous age group to an older group.

These factors can make a wait list number misleading and often times meaningless.

How will UBCCC communicate with me?

Our Administrative Assistants will be the main contacts during the wait list process.

  • All waitlist communication from UBCCC will be via e-mail.
  • We will notify our waitlist families as space becomes available in our centers. If there is not a spot for your family on the preferred start date and you would like to be removed, please contact the Administrative Assistant at any time.
  • In communications, we will not give specific numbers, since they can be misleading. (see above)
  • If multiple communications are made by UBCCC with no response, we reserve the right to remove your family from the waitlist. Also, if we receive too many registrations for a semester, we reserve the right to close registration temporarily.

More communication can be seen on our Application & Waitlist page.  

What is the Enrollment Procedure?

  1. Tour the center(s).
  2. Paperwork Meeting: Once a spot is offered and accepted, a convenient time for a meeting between the Administrative Assistant and parent/guardian will be made. Administrative fee/deposits will be collected.
  3. Submit necessary paperwork to Administrative Assistant. (A week deadline will be given.)
  4. Meet classroom teachers, and visit the classroom with your child in advance of their start date.

We recommend that families visit at least once, if not more, to make your child’s transition easier!

Do I pay for days my child is absent due to illness, vacation or simply a day off?

UBCCC does not have tuition reduction for absence. You continue to pay the full tuition amount even when your child is absent. With regards to vacations, this will secure your child’s spot upon return.

Enrollment Tips

  • Space at UBCCC is limited. Be sure to have “Plan B” in case we are unable to accommodate all of our wait list families.
  • Even if you have an enrollment priority, we recommend that you register on our online waitlist as early as possible. Contact the Administrative Assistant of your preferred site for more information.
  • Feel free to use your child’s due date as the birth-date and “Baby” as their name.
  • Children transition or “move up” to the next age group at 18 months and 3 years old. We do not recommend enrolling a child if they are too close to the next age group. Waiting until the next age group eliminates an additional transition for your child.