KATZ Americas

Katz Americas production line.

Though Sanborn, N.Y.-based KATZ Americas is the largest manufacturer of custom beverage coasters in North and South America, the small company lacked sophisticated engineering capabilities to improve the gang run print operation that combines multiple, smaller orders. Company leaders knew that their “guessing game” approach to arranging a complexity of jobs was a hindrance to keeping pace with increasing business opportunities. UB TCIE was KATZ Americas’ avenue to university expertise, and ultimately to avoiding growing pains.

The Approach

  • Developed a customized computer-based application that efficiently combines orders using an optimal layout output
  • Tapped into a Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) grant, lowering the project cost
  • Trained a KATZ Americas employee on how to use the software and make further changes as industry standards evolve

The Impact

  • Enabled double-digit percentage sales increases every year since the technology debuted in 2008
  • Decreased time to create job setups, from an average of one hour to as short as five minutes
  • Broke the industry standard’s minimum quantity order with an unprecedented level of 2,500
  • Welcomed back the company’s first customers – small bars and restaurants – that were largely alienated when large-equipment purchases did not justify smaller orders
  • Controlled waste (additional sheets/pieces) with better manipulation of parameters