Midland Machinery Co. Inc.

Midland Machinery executive posed for a picture.

Midland Machinery Company, Inc., called upon TCIE to enhance a new, popular addition to its road construction and maintenance equipment products. Officials at the Tonawanda, NY, company were determined to devise a streamlined design, reduce overall manufacturing costs, and improve production rates of the SP-6 Self-Propelled Road Widener.

The Approach

  • A UB mechanical and aerospace engineering team, consisting of a senior engineer and graduate students, provided expertise through a SPIR grant
  • Completed an extensive value engineering assessment and design review for manufacturability to identify:
    • Improved design features
    • Cost-saving measures
    • Part procurement and assembly strategies
  • Trained employees in the use of modeling and design software packages
  • Continue to receive graduate student assistance for additional engineering support since 2005

The Impact

  • Reduced overall manufacturing cost by 8%.
  • Transferred the SP-6 design from 2D to 3D CAD.
  • Bolstered Midland’s competitive market position, growing market share by gaining clients in California, Georgia and Louisiana.