Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

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UB’s low tuition, affordable costs and scholarship opportunities make it a superb value for all students. There are many ways to help finance a UB education including external scholarships, loans and payment plans, as well as the option to work on campus.

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International Admissions Scholarship

The University at Buffalo offers scholarships in varying amounts to qualified international freshmen. Scholarship awards vary from $2,000 up to 100% of tuition costs per academic year and are renewable for up to four years with good academic standing. The International Admissions scholarship may be combined with other UB scholarships.

  • Open to freshman (first-year) students who will be enrolled full-time
  • For fall semester applicants only (not spring, summer, or winter)
  • No separate application is required
  • Must submit a complete university application before April 15th to be considered
Scholarship recipient Suha Kim

Learn more about the International Admissions Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to qualified incoming freshman (first-year) students who have no course work or credits completed at a postsecondary institution
  • Open only to full-time freshman international students
  • Available to students initially enrolling in the fall semester
  • Most scholarship recipients have a high school average of at least 88 percent or a B+ average (or the equivalent) and above average SAT/ACT scores.

Application and Review Process

  • There is not a separate scholarship application form. All qualified freshman applicants will be considered for the scholarship as part of the regular application review process.
  • Scholarships are awarded using a holistic review process. While GPA and test scores are the most important criteria, they are not the only criteria we consider.
  • Submit a one-page essay about why you want to study at UB. This essay can be the same as the standard application essay; you do not need to submit an additional essay.
  • Submit at least one letter of recommendation from a teacher who can comment about your potential as a university student and about your extracurricular activities. This recommendation letter can be the same as the standard application recommendation letter; you do not need to submit an additional letter.


Apply early!

Only complete applications received before April 15th will be given scholarship consideration.

Scholarship awards are announced in three rounds:

  Application Deadline Award Announcement
Round 1 February 1st March 1st
Round 2 March 15th April 5th
Round 3 April 15th April 24th

Other Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

Athletic Scholarships

The University at Buffalo is part of the Mid-American Conference (MAC) and offers top-tier, NCAA Division I athletics. We recruit athletes from all over the world, especially among our neighbors in Canada. Student athletes are usually at the top of their division or conference levels in secondary schools. We offer athletic scholarships in many different sports.

Interested students should fill out the UB athletic recruitment questionnaire.

Men's Football

Men's Football

Women's Soccer

Women's Soccer

Student Employment

Working on campus is a great way to help pay for your educational expenses and gain valuable work experience.

When classes are in session

During school breaks


Up to 20 hours per week

Up to 40 hours per week


NOT PERMITTED to work off campus unless you have special permission from the government

NOT PERMITTED to work off campus unless you have special permission from the government

The UB Career Services office provides many resources to assist you in finding on-campus work.

  • On-campus jobs are posted on the Career Services website so that you can search for available positions.
  • Career Services will help you write a resume and provides interview practice with professional feedback.
  • Typical on-campus jobs include working in offices, laboratories, libraries, residence halls (hostels) and dining facilities.
Student working in an office on campus

Ming working as an Ambassador in the Office of International Admissions

Students working in a food truck on campus

Students working on one of UB's food trucks

Most on-campus jobs pay minimum wage (sometimes more depending on the type of work). Even working the maximum allowed hours will not provide sufficient income to pay for your tuition and living costs, however. Please do not plan to work on campus as a way to pay for your education. Rather, use on-campus work to supplement your parents’ contributions to help cover personal expenses and provide pocket money.

UB Tuition Payment Plan

UB offers an installment tuition payment plan so that your tuition payments can be spread throughout the year. While tuition and fees are normally paid in full at the beginning of each semester, you can sign up to make scheduled payments. 

Other scholarships, grants and loans

Scholarships and grants are available from many nonprofit and service organizations as well as government programs. Spend the time to do some research early in the application process and you may find some great funding opportunities to help with your educational costs. We have gathered a list (below) of some of the best known ones as a starting point.

Many families obtain education loans with low interest rates and favorable repayment terms. Education loans are an acceptable source of financial documentation for the issuance of a student visa. Check with your local bank and educational advisors for more information, and use the list below as a starting point.

Funding search engines

Educational loans

Scholarships, grants and fellowships

The University at Buffalo does not endorse, recommend or have any relationship with any of the organizations and companies listed on this page. Furthermore, the university is not responsible for the accuracy of the information on the websites and documents listed. This information is provided only as a tool to begin your research.

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