Davies receives KL2 Mentored Career Development Award

KL2 Award Recipient.

Published September 20, 2017


The KL2 award provides research mentoring and career and professional development to junior faculty in health science disciplines engaged in clinical and translational research. 

The UB Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) announced the appointment of Jason Davies, MD, PhD, assistant professor in the departments of Neurosurgery and Biomedical Informatics, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, to the CTSA-Linked KL2 Mentored Career Development Award (MCDA) program in August. Davies was one of three CTSI-funded scholars eligible for the KL2 Scholar position invited to apply. 

"Having CTSI-funded scholars mentored with the KL2 cohort brings together a diverse community of scholars engaged in successful interdisciplinary research, teaching, mentoring and career development in clinical and translational research, while at the same time maintaining a critical cohort of scholars in our community,” said Margarita L.  Dubocovich, PhD, SUNY Distinguish Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, senior associate dean for diversity and inclusion, and director of the CTSI's Workforce Development core and program lead for the KL2 Mentored Career Development Award.

The grant will support Davies’ research into finding better ways to predict who is most likely to have a stroke, and who is most likely to recover. His project has led to new predictive models that combine genetics and rich demographic, clinical and social data from electronic health records to develop personalized risk predictions. Davies received his MD and PhD at Stanford University and was a resident in the University of California San Francisco Department of Neurological Surgery program. He joined University at Buffalo Neurosurgery as a fellow in 2015 and was named assistant professor in neurosurgery a year later.