Claire Tranchino


Claire Tranchino is a McNulty and Presidential Fellow in the English department, where she studies twentieth and twenty-first century poetry and poetics. In her research, she considers the fecund relationship between conceptual poetry and the archive; literary production as a site of historical and cultural transmission; and formal investigations that span the visual arts and language. Claire’s questions converge in the work of the lively community of poets and artists living in the Bay Area from the mid- to late-twentieth century. Central to Claire’s training was her residency at the Poetry Collection in 2019 as the summer riverrun fellow (, which she received as a Master’s student at Buffalo. Exploring the wide range of notebooks, sketchbooks, and artist’s books in the Norma Cole collection, she became interested in ideas of sequence and order in Cole’s iterative poetic and visual practice. Currently, Claire is writing a chapter for a forthcoming volume on Cole that focuses on seriality in the poet’s work. Claire’s critical work can also be found in Seneca Review and grama. Her poetry appears in P-Queue. A member of Buffalo’s Graduate Poetics Group, Claire actively participates in the Broadside Committee to design, print, and distribute broadsides for the Poetics+ reading series. In addition, she serves as an Associate Reader of poetry for the literary journal Ploughshares, published by Emerson College. Most days, you can find her cycling at sunrise or making focaccia.