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We are all True Blue: The Taboni twins


Published October 26, 2022


Meet — that is, if you haven’t already — UB graduate students and twin brothers Nicholas and Matthew Taboni.

Nick is an exercise science major enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and is simultaneously earning a theater degree. He’s also a member of the track and cross-country teams.

Matt, who graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in management, is now in the JD/MBA program. He serves as the graduate assistant for zero waste in UB’s Sustainability Office, overseeing Hired, the free professional clothing boutique for students, and the UB chapter of the Food Recovery Network.

In the first installment of a new video series, part of the True Blue spirit campaign, the brothers took a moment out of their outrageously busy schedules to share a bit about how they came to be such an enthusiastic part of the UB community. (Spoiler alert: It has to do with the abundance of opportunities they found, along with a big helping of Buffalo hometown pride.)

Below are excerpts from their interview.

Why they chose UB

Nick: When I was looking for schools as an undergrad, I was pretty undecided between three or four different majors. And I knew UB would offer me the opportunity to pursue all the paths that I was interested in, as well as give me options if I wanted something different. And then I had the opportunity to join the track team and to be able to run at the level that I always wanted to do. For grad school, it was convenient because of the 3+3 combined exercise science and physical therapy program. It also allowed me to finish my theater major and expand my portfolio in theater.

Matt: I decided to go to UB because of the convenience and the affordability. With six brothers in the family, it made sense for my parents, and it made it possible for me to live on campus. Once I got here, I became super-involved within the UB community and decided to stay for grad school because I really wanted to continue to leverage my connections to make more impact on the UB campus, as well as in the Buffalo community.

Standout moments at UB

Matt: I was part of Leadership House my first year, and the Student Engagement office was like our home. Throughout my time as a UB undergrad, I became really involved in that office in a variety of ways. It’s one of the most supportive student offices on campus. They really care for the people they’re working with. They were the catalyst for all of my involvement.

Nick: My favorite memory would probably be the day I made the track team for UB. It’d been something I was working on really hard for my first two years of undergrad on the club team, training pretty much by myself every day. I’ll never forget how excited my coach was for me and how my now-teammates were all rooting for me. It was such a good feeling.

True Blue devotion

Nick: Representing UB on the track team and the cross-country team, wearing Buffalo on my shirt, going around to all our meets in different cities and different states, and showing what Buffalo is made of — UB, as well as the city of Buffalo — that just makes me so proud.

Matt: Buffalo really is the community of good neighbors. I’ve seen that support a lot, working in student services, running the Blue Table food pantry, overseeing Hired. And it continues to grow as I explore other opportunities, looking to make even wider impact. The community here at UB and in Buffalo is unlike any other, and I’m inspired to continue to work in Buffalo because of it.