Transfer Coursework & the Pathways

Learn more about how your previous transfer coursework may meet portions of your Pathway requirement. 

General Pathways Information

Thematic & Global Pathways each consist of courses related through theme or line of inquiry. Applicable transfer coursework (courses that directly articulate to a course at UB or a transfer course which carries a UB Area) may be used to meet portions of your Pathways requirement. 

Through your Pathways you are required to meet 4 UB Areas. 2 UB Areas in your Thematic Pathway and 2 different UB Areas in your Global Pathway: 1) Arts 2) Humanities 3) Social Sciences 4) Foreign Language 5) Civilization/History*

*Please note: Those students transferring SUNY GETAs for American History, Western Civilization, or Other World Civilization will be able to use each of these categories separately towards their 4 UB Areas. See the Transfer Pathways Worksheet for more specific information. 

You will be asked to reflect on the interconnectedness of content of your Pathway courses within your UB Curriculum Capstone.

Guide to Apply Transfer Credit to the Pathways

Transfer coursework (all listed in your Transfer Credit Report) will appear in the Path Finder tool wherever applicable based on the guidelines outlined below. 

For specific questions related to your Transfer Credit Report and your UB Curriculum requirements please see your academic advisor. 

On my Transfer Credit Report Applicable towards Pathway requirement? How may these courses be applied towards my Pathway requirement?
TR 999TR No These courses are transferring in as general elective credit – not applicable to the Pathways. Speak with your academic advisor to consider having these courses reviewed for course articulation. 
Alternate/Exam Credit (Including AP Exams) No AP courses will not meet Pathway requirements unless directly articulated to a course listed in the Pathways.  If you received a GETA from a previous SUNY institution for alternate/exam credit, speak with your academic advisor about applying this to the Pathways. For more information visit:
Generic UB departmental courses (ex: COM 999TR, ENG 999TR, SPA 999TR)  Yes, if 2.6 credits or greater These courses each have a corresponding UB Area and may be used in Course List 1 or 2 in place of courses where the same UB Area appears. To view which UB Area your generic departmental course carries visit:
 These courses will appear wherever applicable in the “additional transfer credit” section of the Course Lists. 
Directly Articulated Courses Yes A directly articulated course is when a course from your previous transfer institution has an equivalent course at the University at Buffalo which is approved as a Pathways course. The specific UB course will be displayed on your Transfer Credit Report.  These courses can be used in the Pathways wherever that specific UB course appears and will also be listed where applicable in other Course Lists 1 and 2 in the “additional transfer credit” section.
GETAs (General Education Transfer Addendum) Yes All SUNY GETAs (Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, American History, Western Civilization, Other World Civilization, and Foreign Language) will be honored and may be used in Course List 1 or 2 in place of courses where the same UB Area appears.  These courses will appear as 0 credit TR999TR courses with a descriptor for the appropriate UB Area wherever applicable in the “additional transfer credit” section of the Course Lists. If you believe you have a GETA that is not being properly displayed, please see your academic advisor.