Building on Our Success

Hayes Hall.

In this phase of the University at Buffalo's evolution, UB has set its sights on situating itself among the Top 25 public research universities in the nation within the next decade.

Institutional Rankings

Over the past decade, UB has steadily risen in the ranks of the best public universities.

For six years, it has been ranked among the Top 50 public universities in the nation.

In the U.S. News & World Report's and the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College's rankings for 2020, UB achieved an all-time high ranking of 31.

Among the best public and private universities, UB is ranked 79—up 30 places in less than a decade.



Many of UB's individual schools and programs are also recognized as some of the nation's best, with Top 25 and 35 national rankings for the schools of: