PAL leaders are connected to a course section to provide students in those courses with a systematic and structured approach to processing the course material assigned by the instructor. 

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Kat Szkolut.

Kat Szkolut
BIO 200 

Elliana Schmitt.

Elliana Schmitt
BIO 200 

Steven Spota.

Steven Spota
MTH 131

Cara Michno.

Cara Michno 
PSY 207

Devin O'leary.

Devin O'leary
PHY 107

Anna Esposito.

Anna Esposito
BIO 200 

Noah Wahl.

Noah Wahl
ES 207 

Bailey Nocero.

Bailey Nocero
PSY 207

Krish Patel.

Krish Patel
PHY 117

Emma Gillebaard.

Emma Gillebaard
BIO 200

Fuhad Islam.

Fuhad Islam
MTH 131

Tae Kim.

Tae Kim
ES 207

Ryan Drake.

Ryan Drake
PSY 207

Veronica Walker.

Veronica Walker
STA 119

Taran Devgun.

Taran Devgun
BIO 200 

Nick Fronczak.

Nick Fronczak
MTH 131

Anas Khan.

Anas Khan
PSY 207

Anthony Chen.

Anthony Chen
BIO 200

Gaylah Ghajar.

Gaylah Ghajar
MTH 131