Cell and Tissue Culture

CO2 Incubators – VWR® Air Jacketed

Two VWR® Air Jacketed CO2 Incubators offer high-temperature decontamination cycles to provide uniform conditions for a safe, stable and protected growth environment for cell and tissue cultures. Equipped with HEPA filtration safeguards to protect cultures from airborne contaminants. Air jacketed design enables high temperature decontamination cycles with an on-demand high heat disinfection cycle of 140°C dry heat. Thermal conductivity sensors control CO2 levels to ensure proper temperature, humidity and cell growth.


  • In-chamber HEPA filtration airflow designed to protect samples from airborne contaminants during routine access
  • Overnight 140 °C sterilization cycle for easy cleaning and reliable decontamination
  • In-chamber probes and sensors for precise control

Hours of operation

Open 24/7

For inquiries, contact:

Dr. Alan Friedman
Research Associate Professor
116 Bonner Hall