Cell and Tissue Culture

Biosafety Cabinet – Labconco REDISHIP Purifier Logic+ Class II A2

The Labconco REDISHIP Purifier Logic+ Class II A2 biosafety cabinet provides HEPA-filter protection to researchers, their samples and the surrounding lab environment from hazardous particulates that require Biosafety Level 1 or 2 containment. It features a minimum inflow velocity of 100 ft/min, as well as ergonomic design to provide a biologically safe and comfortable work environment.


  • Provides personnel, product and environmental protection from biohazardous aerosols
  • Suitable for work in biosafety levels 1 and 2
  • Laminar and directional airflow
  • UV lamp generates a primary wavelength of light of 254nm
  • Includes intuitive programming, color coded menus, status messages and alarms

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Dr. Alan Friedman
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