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Four Point Probe System - Jandel CYL-RM3000

The Jandel CYL-RM3000 Four Point Probe System is used to measure the sheet resistance of shallow layers (as a result of epitaxy, ion-implant, diffusion or sputtering) and the bulk resistivity of bulk wafers. It is capable of sourcing 10 nA up to 100 mA, and 0 to 1000 mV. Our probe head has 4 tips with a spacing of 1 mm apart from each other. Each tip has a radius of 40 microns and it is preset to a pressure of 60 grams of force that will be exerted on your sample. The maximum pressure is 150 grams. The unit is capable of producing 10 nA up to 100 mA with a voltage of 0 to 1000 mV.

Four Point Probe System - Jandel CYL-RM3000.


  • Probe tip spacing (1 mm)
  • 60-150 gram springs, (Default 60 g)
  • Tungsten Carbide Tips
  • Tip Radii 40 mm
  • Tolerance +/-0.01 mm
  • The RM3000 reads-out directly in ohms-per-square (or toggle to millivolts) without requiring the use of the software or a PC.
  • Measurement Range: 1 mW/cm2 (10-3) up to 5 x 108 W/cm2 with 0.3% accuracy. 
  • Volume resistivity range is from 1 milliohm-cm (10-3) up to 10^6 W-cm.


Electrical Engineering Cleanroom
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  • Internal Academic: $25
  • External Academic: $25
  • Industry: $100
For general inquiries, contact:

Donald J. Goralski
Director, Shared Instrumentation Laboratories
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For technical inquiries, contact:

Jeff Salzmann
Assistant Professor of Research, Cleanroom Manager
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