E-Beam Lithography System (100kV) – Elionix ELS-G100


The Elionix ELS-G100 electron beam lithography system produces a highly stable beam with a diameter as small 1.8nm, using acceleration voltages of up to 100kV and high beam currents. This allows fine patterns to be drawn with a line width of 6nm or less. The tool allows fine patterns to be written over a wide range. It’s high-rigidity stage enables beam positioning resolution of 0.1nm. A laser interferometer provides optical resolution of 0.3nm, achieving a stitching precision of +/- 15nm, with overlay precision on +/-20nm in a 100µm field.


  • Generates patterns with a minimum line width of 6nm
  • Stable 1.8nm electron beam using high beam current at 100kV
  • A 20bit DAC provides high beam positioning resolution
  • At a beam current of 1nA, 20nm lines can be written over an entire 500μm field without stitching
  • Beam current dynamic range from 20 pA to 100 nA
  • Beam diameter remains uniform within 1 mm-square writing field
  • Minimum line width: 6nm or less (100kV, 100µm square field)
  • Stage movement: Step and repeat
  • Lithography field size: 3000µm x 3000µm (maximum at 25kV) and 100µm X 100µm (minimum)
  • Features beam positioning of 1,000,000 × 1,000,000 positions (maximum)
  • Acceleration voltages of 100kV, 50kV, 25kV changeover
  • Beam positioning resolution: 0.1nm
  • Overlay accuracy: ±20nm (100µm square field)
  • Exposure area of 130mm x 150mm
  • Stage movement range:
    • X direction: 156mm 
    • Y direction: 156mm 
    • Z direction: 5mm
  • Maximum specimen size: 6” wafer or 5” square mask
  • Beamfox PEC Software


  • Internal Academic: $120.00 per hour
  • External Academic: $195.00 per hour
  • External Industry: $350.00 per hour


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