Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Microprobe - Physical Electronics, VersaProbe 5000

The PHI VersaProbe XPS Microprobe is a multi-technique, ultra-high vacuum surface analysis instrument that is capable of producing focused, highly monochromatic X-ray beam that can be scanned over a sample surface. The spot size can be varied between less than 10 µm (for highest spatial resolution) to 100 µm (for highest sensitivity). The field of view can be as large as 1500 µm by 1500 µm. Software for surveys, high-resolution scans, sputter depth profiles, line scans, chemical images, automated analyses, and user-defined settings are all available on multiple workstations in the laboratory. The software library allows for post-analysis data processing. Elemental limits of detection of 3-4 atom % are routinely achieved.


The VersaProbe 5000 is equipped with:

  • Monochromated Al Kα x-ray source (1486.6 eV)
  • Achromatic Mg Kα secondary x-ray source (1253.6 eV)
  • Dual charge neutralization
  • 128 channel mode detection
  • Floating column argon ion gun (0-5 keV Ar+) (for sputtering and charge neutralization)
  • 5-axis automated sample stage
  • 10 kV C60 ion gun for sputtering and depth profiling
  • Compucentric Zalar rotation

Possible applications include:

  • Large area XPS
  • Micro-Area XPS
  • Chemical state imaging
  • Thin film analysis
  • Organic and inorganic depth profiling (single and multi-point)
  • Angle resolved XPS
  • X-ray induced Auger electron spectroscopy (XAES)
  • Quantitative analysis

Data analysis with MultiPak Data reduction software allows for:

  • Auto peak identification
  • Comparison to XPS Chemical state Database
  • XPS Spectral deconvolution
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Non-linear least squares fitting
  • Linear least squares fitting
  • Target Factor Analysis
  • Retrospective chemical imaging


Surface and Thin Film Laboratories
474 Natural Sciences Complex
University at Buffalo North Camus
Buffalo, NY 14260 


Usage Fee:

Unassisted:    $16/hour (academic)

                    $169/ hour (industry) 

Assisted:        $51/ hour (academic)

                    $409/ hour (industry)

Data Analysis Fee:

  • Technician analysis and interpretation: $90/hr
  • No charge for researcher use of software

Time assessed based upon measurement/analysis time. Time begins upon the initialization of the x-ray source. Users are not charged for pump-down time. Special/extensive sample preparation needs are addressed on an as-needed basis.

All requests for instrument time must be made at least 3-full days prior to requested date.

For technical inquiries, contact:

Y. Chris Li, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

(716) 645-4285