Welcome to REConnected (pronounced REC-Connected), our student-staff program designed to nurture your professional growth, cultivate a positive work environment, and elevate your experience within UB Recreation.

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Why REConnected?

At REConnected, we prioritize interdepartmental networking. Join our events each semester to meet peers from across the recreation department and gain insider knowledge on our programs and resources, empowering you to speak confidently to the REC community.

We're dedicated to creating a positive work environment through engaging activities that make UB Recreation a place you'll genuinely enjoy working!

Employee Resources

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UB Recreation incorporates tools and support mechanisms aimed at facilitating employees' success and well-being:

  • Internal website for news, updates, policies, and relevant information
  • Wellness and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Community engagement opportunities

Engagement Initiatives

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UB Recreation's engagement initiatives promote a vibrant workplace culture:

  • REC Staff Spotlight
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Event & activity information
  • Feedback surveys
  • Employee referrals

Employee Development

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UB Recreation offers development programs to nurture professional growth and enhance skills:

  • Workshops (virtual and in-person) on topics from leadership to customer service to well-being
  • Mentorships/Internships
  • Career pathing & advancement, including internal mobility and external development opportunities



If you have questions about our REConnected program and events, please reach out to our REConnected Coordinator, Elizabeth Bukoskey.

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Elizabeth Bukoskey

REConnected Coordinator