Solar Eclipse and Recreation Closure

solar eclipse with a totally blacked out sun.

Published April 8, 2024

Today, April 8, 2024, WNY is experiencing a total solar eclipse from around 3:18 p.m., plunging the region into twilight for over three minutes. As a result, both Alumni Arena and Clark Hall are closed for recreation from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

An Extraordinary Event!


During this spectacular phenomenon, the Moon is perfectly aligning with the Sun, creating a momentary blackout and revealing stars, planets, and the Sun's corona (weather permitting). This alignment is a result of the precise positioning of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, casting a shadow along a path of totality that sweeps across the planet.

Cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse are within this path, providing prime viewing opportunities for enthusiasts. Today's weather forecast is looking promising, enhancing the chances of getting a wonderful view of the eclipse. Remember to use proper eye protection when observing the uneclipsed Sun, except during totality when it's safe to view with the naked eye.

close up of persons face wearing safety glasses while looking at the eclipsed sun.

Given the expected influx of eclipse enthusiasts, it's advisable to stay close to home to avoid traffic congestion. Gather your friends and family, find a clear spot, and witness this once-in-a-generation event in the comfort of your backyard. Today is truly a moment to marvel at the wonders of the universe.