Caught Green Handed: Matt Deck

Published April 6, 2021

The April 2021 winner of the Caught Green Handed initiative is Matt Deck, Director of Clinical Operations, School of Dental Medicine.

Matt Deck.

Matt Deck was nominated by Matt Blum, Director of Student Affairs, School of Dental Medicine

Matt Blum says:

“Matt Deck is a huge proponent of sustainability. During my tenure at the dental school, Matt has advocated for implementing sustainable solutions in both our clinic and pre-clinic. Examples include TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes for Masks, and evaluating recycling glove and gown programs. Matt also engages with our student sustainability committee and has helped with their programming efforts including Earth Day, reusable mugs, obtaining more recycling bins throughout the school, and placing signage to encourage all to be more responsible/practice sustainability.”

Matt Deck explains what being green means to him:

"Sustainability should be important to all of us. Anyone can understand that fossil fuels are a finite, diminishing resource, and we will all eventually need renewable, sustainable energy sources regardless of global warming. “Going Green” now will pass on a clean, ecologically beneficial legacy to our children, grandchildren, and beyond - truly a “gift that keeps on giving”. We can all do little things every day to lessen our carbon footprint: turn off lights and other electronic devices…take the stairs instead of the elevator…carry things instead of putting them in bags…park at the first spot instead of driving around to get as close as possible…carpool or take public transportation. If every single person did one or 2 of these each day, our collective impact would be huge. And recycling is great, but please know that “reduce-reuse-recycle” is a hierarchy, and should be done in that order: reduce/reuse first if you can.  I’m fortunate to serve as an advisor and sounding board for our students, they are the true force behind all the good things we’re trying to do in the Dental School. We’re fortunate to have an Administration and supervisors who support us and let us pursue green initiatives in our daily work lives and beyond, and I encourage all Management to do the same."