Data Governance

The organizing framework for aligning strategy, defining objectives and establishing polices for enterprise information. 

Established by the Provost, the Data Governance Council establishes policies and guidelines for data governance and maintains a dictionary of key institutional data based on the recommendations of the Data Stewardship Committee. 

Committees and Groups

  • Data Governance Council
    Members of senior leadership who oversee institutional data systems and guide the campus data governance efforts.
  • Data Stewardship Committee
    Members of the campus data community who coordinate the policies and procedures ensuring data available to the campus is accurate and useful. 
  • Data Cookbook
    A system which provides the framework to define and catalog definitions used for campus analytics and reporting.


There are many paths to obtain access to the data sources required to support your campus analytic and reporting needs.  This link identifies what you need to know to start the process.

Data Policies and Procedures

  • University Guidelines
  • Definitions, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Compliance
  • Contact Information
  • Related Documents and Forms