Official University Reporting

The OIA University Reporting group converts transactional data from UB’s operational systems into official and strategic information used to support campus analytics, reporting and institutional research.  

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These data also provide the trusted foundation upon which major UB policy initiatives and allied assessment, effectiveness and analytic efforts are based.  This includes creating the data and functional rules to populate InfoSource table schemas such as SUNY_IR, UBS_ENT, and PS_RPT_TUITION_REVENUE.  The group also manages OIA’s extensive processing infrastructure and is often called upon to architect custom database and functional solutions to support a variety of campus needs.  Finally, University Reporting facilitates UB’s ability to fuse information sourced from all major processing platforms through its maintenance of the campus Entity/Hierarchy system, HUB's Academic Structure and SIRI’s Organizational Reporting Structure.

For further information, please contact:

Mark L. Molnar

Assistant Vice President for University Reporting and Senior Data Architect

410P Crofts Hall

Phone: (716) 645-3854


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