Entity/Hierarchy System

The Entity/Hierarchy system is the official campus system of record to identify operating elements used by the institution to support its operations.  Operating elements include items such as student majors, course subjects, administrative offices and research centers.  Each item is assigned a unique 4 digit numeric code to support identification across university systems as well as a 10 digit code to support sorting within an organized framework.

Policy for development of entity names and arbitration may be found here: Entity Naming Policy

A general overview of basic Entity/Hierarchy concepts and process for updating the system is located here Entity Hierarchy Overview

Please coordinate with your Unit Business Officer (UBO) to request a change to the system using one of the forms below:

Entity Forms

HUB System Forms

  • Entity Viewer
    Entity Viewer delivers a dynamic representation of UB’s official organizational structure. User-selected elements for display include entity number, abbreviation and hierarchy. Source data are refreshed nightly.
  • Entity Change Report
    Entity Change Report delivers a dynamic representation changes to UB’s official organizational structure. Filters can be used to look for specific changes over a specified period of time. Source data are refreshed nightly.

For further information, please contact:

Laura M. Szefel

Phone: (716) 645-3511

Email: lmszefel@buffalo.edu

Mark L. Molnar

Phone: (716) 645-3854

Email: mmolnar@buffalo.edu