About Us

The Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA) has the primary institutional responsibility for the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information on the institution, its students, its faculty, its programs, its publics, its practices and its services. The office provides analytic support for the planning, evaluation and policy initiatives of the Provost and senior leadership and acts as the institution's reporting agent.

Functionally, the office is comprised of three interconnected groups, each working in concert to transform raw data into actionable information capable of driving campus reporting and the policy discussion forward.  A brief summary of responsibilities specific to each group is as follows:

Official University Reporting

Providing the foundation to support official reporting, institutional analytics, and accreditation.   

  • Entity/Hierarchy
  • HUB Academic Structure
  • Official SUNY Data
  • Tuition Revenue Processing
  • Tableau Management
  • Data Cookbook
  • Annual Survey Responses
  • Functional Consultation
  • Ad-Hoc Data Requests
Institutional Analytics

The UB Institutional Analytics team produces and supplies actionable intelligence, delivered via interactive visualization tools that generate insights used to make more data-informed and proactive decisions across the campus. 

  • Enrollment Management Dashboards
  • Enrollment Projections
  • Enrollment Modeling
Policy Analysis and Accreditation

Developing contextual analytics and statistics to power UB's senior policy discussion.

  • Survey Design, Admin, and Analysis
  • Accreditation Support
  • Policy Analysis
  • Institutional Research
  • Executive Support