• Dashboard of Dashboards
    The Dashboard of Dashboards (DoD) was developed to simplify users’ access to some key campus dashboard sets, without requiring them to navigate through lists of Tableau sites and projects. It serves as a “one stop” launch page for the current Institutional Analytics dashboards available to the campus.
  • Enrollment Modeling Tools
    Increased understanding of the underlying impact metrics that drive changes in outcomes is a great first step. The reality is that numerous metrics have potential impact, and to different degrees, so where do you start? Enrollment modeling tools are available to the campus community that give users the ability to “turn dials” up or down on selected metrics to see the resultant outcome changes over multiple years.
  • Enrollment Projection Tools
    In order to take actions for change, it is important to know where you are heading. Predictive tools allow users to get an advanced look at the future, and determine if they need to take additional or different actions to change the predicted outcomes. Understanding the underlying metrics that drive changes in outcomes allows for more informed planning and proactive decision-making.