Quick Facts

Showcasing interesting findings from recent projects completed by the Office of Institutional Analysis.

The Office of Institutional Analysis recently analyzed admissions test taking trends among undergraduate students at the University at Buffalo. The percentage of domestic, first-time, full-time, enrolled freshman taking the ACT test has considerably declined, whereas the percentage of students taking the SAT test has increased. Many students continue to take both tests, but the pronounced decline in ACT test taking is most likely due to the student’s increasing familiarity with the redesigned SAT test that was instituted in spring of 2016. The more familiar the students became with the redesigned SAT, the more inclined they were to take that test over the ACT.

Graph showing the percentage of students taking the SAT increased from 86% to 86.9% over the last seven years, while ACT dropped from 35% to 24.5% over the same time period.