Finding Research Opportunities

Many UB academic departments and affiliated institutes offer research opportunities for undergraduate students. The research duties and responsibilities as well as type of research (e.g., bench research versus clinically based) can vary. Many times, if you are interested in biomedical research, it is useful for you to have completed courses through biochemistry. However, there are, of course, exceptions to this. Exposure to research through any academic department is perceived as valuable!

  • Develop a professional resume. Utilize the resources at the Career Design Center (259 Capen) to help you.
  • Assess your goals in gaining research exposure. Be sure you have a genuine interest in research as well as the individual projects you pursue.
  • Explore the Project Portal on the Experiential Learning Network website.
  • Explore various academic department websites and look under “Faculty/Faculty Research Interests” or words to this effect. Contact individual faculty to investigate any opportunities.
  • Visit the UB News Center for the latest news from UB including research initiatives. Consider contacting the principal investigator of the project if you have a particular interest in the work.
  • Visit the UB Research and Economic Development website to view numerous affiliated research centers. Each listing provides complete contact information and web links.
  • Look on departmental bulletin boards.
  • Ask your friends/classmates, RAs, etc., especially if they are or have been involved in research efforts
  • Talk to your current and past professors.