Post-Bac Programs

The term “post-bac” stands for post-baccalaureate and is a general term typically referring to any academic work completed after the attainment of an undergraduate degree. In the context of pursuing doctoral level health professions programs (e.g., MD, DDS), they often have a more specific meaning.

It becomes confusing as post-bacs can be undergraduate programs, graduate programs, certificate bearing programs and non-certificate bearing. They can be highly structured and formal or more flexible in nature. There are programs that can be completed on a part-time basis and others that must be completed full-time. They often have a different focus dependent on an applicant’s individual background. It depends if an applicant is a career changer (limited or no previous science courses), an academic record enhancer, or someone who is underrepresented in the medical sciences or some combination of these factors.

The websites below will provide you with detailed information about post-bac programs.

After you conduct some initial research, you may set an appointment with one of our advisors to discuss your suitability and competitiveness for a post-bac program.