• Architecture prof counts the ways UB makes her feel True Blue

    Daniela Sandler had taught at many different colleges and universities, but in her estimation, there's no place like UB.

  • Dental school celebrates renovated specialty clinic

    The $3.4 million clinic will improve health outcomes for Western New Yorkers.

  • Encouraging seniors to apply to college

    Through a partnership between SUNY and the Buffalo Public Schools, 2,000 letters will be mailed to BPS seniors inviting them to apply to college for fall 2024.

  • UB architects supporting food outreach program

    UB is working with Drawing for Food, which auctions off architectural drawings to benefit those with food insecurity in Toronto.

  • Analytics/AI conference brings new perspectives

    UB hosted the gathering of industry and academic experts dedicated to exploring the frontiers of data analytics and artificial intelligence. 

  • How carnivorous Asian pitcher plants acquired signature insect trap

    Study finds duplicated genomes may have paved the way for specialized carnivory and separate-sexed plants.

  • UB tops in New York for computer infrastructure awards

    NSF funding points to UB’s statewide leadership in computing resources, AI and data science capabilities.

  • RNA’s solo act on the ever-changing stage of cellular dynamics

    While RNA is well known for its part in cutting-edge vaccine technology, a UB-led study looks at its lesser explored role in the inner workings of cells.

  • Town hall highlights progress on PACOR recommendations

    UB leadership updated the community on the progress that's been made in making UB a more inclusive place to live, learn and work.

  • The power of reflecting upon legacy

    A new study reveals how to unlock the “Andrew Carnegie Effect” to address societal issues.

  • Giving community members a voice in research planning

    The CTSI's Community Engagement Studios connect community members with researchers to help plan more impactful studies.

  • The threat of deepfakes

    UB AI expert David Doermann warned lawmakers about the dangers of deepfakes and other synthetic media during recent testimony on Capitol Hill.

  • Showing appreciation

    The Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences honored its many volunteer faculty members at the inaugural Volunteer Faculty Appreciation Night on Nov. 14. The volunteer physicians offer UB medical students the opportunity to shadow them and provide instruction during clinical rotations. Photos: Douglas Levere

    Published November 20, 2023

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Highlights from the Art in the Open event.

Spotlight on the arts

One night every year, all doors are open at the Center for the Arts for Art in the Open. This year, more than 100 student artists shared their work with the UB and Western New York communities.

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