UB statement on accommodations for students in quarantine

Release Date: September 9, 2020


BUFFALO, N.Y. — The University at Buffalo cares deeply about its students who have been assigned to on-campus quarantine space in response to COVID-19 and we have been working around the clock ensuring that students get the care and attention they need.

Campus Living staff are on site in UB’s quarantine residence hall 24 hours a day. In addition to daily food delivery, staff members reach out to students in quarantine each day to find out how they are doing, and whether they need any assistance, either for academic or personal reasons.

The university understands that some students have expressed frustration with certain aspects of UB’s on-campus quarantine accommodations. Campus Living staff are working to quickly address these concerns, and ensure that students have the safest accommodations during this difficult time.

We cannot emphasize enough that the university understands how challenging an experience it is for students to be uprooted from their studies during a time when they may be experiencing illness, or the fear of having been exposed to COVID-19.

Toward that end, when developing our quarantine accommodations and protocols, Campus Living staff made sure that students’ needs were kept at the forefront of our plans. The university’s quarantine care protocols were developed directly from best practices put forth by the Erie County Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When assigned to a room in the university’s quarantine residence hall, students are instructed to pack and bring with them any toiletries and other necessities. Campus Living does have an inventory of these items, which can be provided to students upon request. Students are also provided with a face mask, thermometer and hand sanitizer at check in. Each room is also equipped with WiFi.

Every effort has been made to ensure students’ safety and comfort. However, certain comforts of home, such as microwaves, are not permitted due to limited electrical capacity in these rooms.

Campus Dining and Shops is actively addressing student concerns regarding quarantine meals. When students arrive to a quarantine room, they are given instructions on how to order meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Students can use their meal plan for their orders, or they can purchase using a credit card. Standard vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Zoom image: UB student quarantine menu for Sept. 7-13. UB student quarantine menu for Sept. 7-13.

UB student quarantine menu for Sept. 7-13.

Meals are delivered daily between 5 and 6 p.m., with a hot entree for dinner and breakfast and lunch for the following day. Students receive bottled water each day with their dinner; additional bottled water has been available on request.

Campus Dining and Shops has made adjustments to the meals and is providing additional fruit, as well as bottled water to supplement tap water in the room. Any students who have dietary restrictions or food allergies are contacted directly by the CDS Registered Dietitian.

Students are permitted to leave for medical appointments. UB Student Health Services has been working to make arrangements with students to have testing completed in their rooms. In addition, virtual health and wellness and counseling services workshops are available to students.

We understand that it can be challenging for students to have to remain in their quarantine rooms for up to 14 days. However, by restricting individuals from traversing through common areas in the building, we minimize the risk of exposure to other students residing in quarantine who have not tested positive for the virus, as well as the staff members who work in the building.

All of these precautions are taken with the health and safety of students and the entire university community in mind. They are a necessary and important step in preventing the spread of the virus on campus and in the community.

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