Natural Disasters

News about UB’s research and advocacy in extreme events and disaster response. (see all topics)


UB runs blast tests to simulate violent phenomena that occur during volcanic eruptions, drawing scientists from all over the world.


Like the state animal of New York, the rover-like vehicle uses surroundings to build complex structures, overcome obstacles.


Low-cost device — shaped like a birdhouse — could help provide drinking water to people affected by natural disasters.


James Balog, a climate change expert and environmentalist, will speak at UB on April 12  as part of UB’s Distinguished Speakers Series.


Project will lay the foundation for understanding how lake effect snowfall could change in a warming world.


The switch may help minimize damage to buildings and enhance the city’s resilience in future earthquakes


Storms act as an interesting “natural experiment” — a rare chance for researchers to study how corals recover from disasters.


Researchers from UB, Arizona State and Temple are examining the different ways in which extreme heat and cold impact the nation’s cities, starting with a case study on Tempe and Buffalo.


The report, written by UB engineers, looks at fires involving residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


Howard Lasker will spend two weeks aboard a research vessel docked in waters of the Virgin Islands National Park.