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But other parts of these Caribbean ecosystems continue to decline, and one species cannot simply replace the other, says UB researcher.


Conference is set for March 24-25 and builds off the success of last year’s event, the nation’s first-ever gathering of mobile produce market representatives.


Chris Lowry has designed numerous foldable paper models of aquifers to help students visualize how water is stored underground.


The research builds on evidence that the last mammoths on a lonely Arctic island suffered from a variety of genetic defects.


New research shows that technologies are available, but the upgrades can be expensive.


Scientists can’t see underground, but computational models are providing a new way to investigate how root systems might be changing.


From analyzing the avocado genome to designing a stingray-inspired space exploration vehicle, here are some highlights from a year of discovery.


As predicted by theorists, experiments show that barium zirconium sulfide thin films hold great promise for solar cells, LEDs.


UB researchers study climate change using methodologies that range from Arctic field work to ice sheet modeling.


Researchers are working to complete an analysis of whether pollutants found in soil may have originated from Tonawanda Coke.