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Charles P. Ewing

Professor of Law
University at Buffalo School of Law


Crime, psychology of crime, forensic psychology, criminal trials, murder trials, insanity defense, death penalty, juvenile law, sex offenders

Head shot of Charles P. Ewing.

Charles P. Ewing is an internationally known forensic psychologist.

He can speak to the media about the psychology of crime as well as criminal trials, including murder trials.

He has been interviewed by outlets such as USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press and NPR on a range of issues, including prison escapes, the death penalty and the use of insanity as a defense.

Ewing is the author or co-author of numerous books that analyze the psychology of crime from legal and public policy perspectives. He has researched topics that include domestic violence, juvenile homicide, intrafamilial homicide, sex offenders, and madness and the law.


Charles P. Ewing, JD, PhD
Professor of Law
SUNY Distinguished Service Professor

University at Buffalo School of Law