Alumni Around the World

UB’s alumni are one of its greatest assets. Our more than 218,000 graduates worldwide are reaching others every day, making a difference in their communities in 130 countries around the world.

Arts, Entertainment and Media

Laura Aikin, BFA ’86
World-renowned opera singer

Wolf Blitzer, BA ’70
CNN’s lead political anchor

Brad Grey, BA ’79
CEO, Paramount Pictures

Terry Gross, EdM ’75 & BA ’72
Host, National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air”

Abbe Raven, BA ’74
President and CEO, Arts & Entertainment Television Networks

Tom Toles, BA ’73
Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, The Washington Post


Jim McNally, EdM ’68 & BS ’66
Former offensive line coach, Buffalo Bills; consultant to New York Jets

James D. Starks, BA ’10
Running back, Green Bay Packers, 2011 Super Bowl champions

Bernie Tolbert, MSW ’73 & BS ’71
Senior vice president for security, National Basketball Association

Alison Wagner, JD ’00
Associate counsel, National Hockey League Media


Millard (Mickey) Drexler, BS ’66
Chairman & CEO, J. Crew Group

Lauren Fix, BS ’86
The Car Coach®, award-winning automotive expert

Jeremy M. Jacobs, AAS ’60
Chairman & CEO, Delaware North Companies

Vikki Pryor, JD ’78 & BA ’75
CEO, American Red Cross in Greater New York


Edna Baehre, PhD ’77 & MA ’73
President, Napa Valley Community College in California

Donald Bain, PhD ’74, MA ’72 & BA ’69
President, St. John Fisher College in New York

Robert O. Davies, PhD ’05
President, Eastern Oregon University

Mark W. Huddleston, BA ’72
President, University of New Hampshire

Brian Levin-Stankevich, PhD ’84 & MA ’73
Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

C.L. Max Nikias, PhD ’82 & MS ’80
President, University of Southern California

Health Care

Maxine Hayes, MD ’73
State health officer, Washington State Department of Health

Marcella Fierro, MD ’66
Former chief medical examiner, Commonwealth of Virginia

Harvey Karp, BA ’72
Pediatrician, author and activist

Margaret McGlynn, MBA ’83 & BS ’82
Former vice president, Merck Pharmaceuticals Vaccine Division

Nancy Nielsen, MD ’76
UB senior associate dean for medical education and former president, American Medical Association


Tanri Abeng, MBA ’69
President commissioner, P.T. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk., Indonesia

Zhou Ji, PhD ’84 & MS ’81
Former minister of education, China

Robin Li, MS ’94
Co-founder, chairman & CEO,, China

Everett M. Standa, PhD ’79, MA ’74 & BA ’73
Vice chancellor, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Hatim Tyabji, MS ’69
Executive chairman, Bytemobile Inc., U.S.

Suwipa Wanasathop, MBA ’88 & MA ’90
Vice president, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand

Science and Technology

Joseph Abrams, BA ’72
Co-founder of Intermix, parent company of MySpace

Ellen Shulman Baker, BA ’74
Mission specialist astronaut, NASA

Barry Glick, PhD ‘81 & BA ‘74
CEO, smartRealm LLC and founder of MapQuest

Wilson Greatbatch, MS ’57
Inventor who advanced development of the implantable battery-operated cardiac pacemaker

Christopher Scolese, BS ’78
Associate administrator, NASA