National and International Presentations

Ohtake PJ. The Art of Debrief: Reaping the Benefits of Simulation. Presentation at the 2nd Interprofessional Simulation Conference: Simulation as a Tool to Promote Interprofessional Education and Practice. Emory University, Altnata, GA. November 14 – 15, 2017.

Jacobsen LJ, Lesse A, Antonson D, Boje K, Elze D, Fusco N, Stuhlmiller C, Sheehan D, Symons A, Ohtake PJ. 856 Students and Faculty from 9 Professional Programs Come Together to Learn Interprofessional Strategies to Treat Opioid Dependence. Poster presentation at the AAMC Live Serve Lead 2016 Conference. Boston, MA. November 3 - 7, 2017.

Ohtake PJ, Jacobsen LJ, Lesse A, Antonson D, Boje K, Elze D, Fusco N, Stuhlmiller C, Sheehan D, Symons A, Vest B. Differential Impact of an Interprofessional Forum on Health Professions Students’ Attitudes toward Collaborative Practice. Poster presentation at the Collaborating Across Borders VI (CAB VI) Conference. Banff, AB, Canada. October 1 – 4, 2017.

Matteliano M, Ohtake PJ. Development, Implementation, and Assessment of an Interprofessional Acute Care Simulation-Based Learning Experience. Poster presentation at the American Occupational Therapy Association Conference. Philadelphia, PA. March 30 - April 2, 2017.

Local and Regional Presentations

Elze DE, Jacobsen LJ, Fusco NM, Vest BM, Ohtake PJ. Quality Improvement Strategies for Interprofessional Forums for Health Professions Students. Presentation at the UB Assessment 5.0 - Continuous Improvement Conference. Buffalo, NY. September 29, 2017.

Terreri LA, Homish GG, Wahler RG Jr, Brody PM Jr, Ohtake, PJ. Impact of Interprofessional Falls Risk Assessment Program on Student Perceptions of Other Healthcare Professionals. Poster presentation at the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions Perry Poster Day. Buffalo. NY. April 20, 2017.