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Upcoming: SUNY Global Health Research Symposium April 22, 2022

SUNY Global Health Research Symposium

Friday, April 22, 9am-4pm

SUNY Global Center, 116 East 55th Street, New York, NY

This hybrid symposium meeting will provide a forum for SUNY campuses engaged in extramurally funded global health research to share their programs and explore opportunities for collaboration.   In the morning, a selection of in-country investigators will share research updates; in the afternoon SUNY campus representatives will highlight their on-campus centers/institutes.  This program is supported by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research of Downstate Health Sciences University.

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Providing Leadership across the SUNY System

The UB Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences (CIGBS) is the administrative coordinating center for the SUNY Global Health Institutes’s (GHI) co-director. The institute enables global health programs at the SUNY academic health centers and system-wide across the campuses. It also fosters collaboration with corporate, economic and international partners as innovative leaders in education, training and research initiatives.

GHI is increasing SUNY-wide access and participation by students, faculty and staff in global-health research and education. It also promotes cross-campus faculty initiatives.

The institute uses an integrated approach to increase its competitive advantage when seeking funding from state, federal and international agencies, and philanthropic organizations.  

GHI is creating a consulting and services process for low income countries so they might access SUNY faculty / staff expertise in areas of clinical education and research program development.


The SUNY GHI co-directors are Jack DeHovitz, MD, MPH (Downstate Medical Center) and Gene D. Morse, PharmD (University at Buffalo).

The GHI includes: SUNY University at Albany, SUNY Binghamton University, SUNY University at Buffalo, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, SUNY Stony Brook University, SUNY Upstate Medical University, SUNY College of Optometry, and SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

SUNY GHI Virtual Grand Rounds


Monthly SUNY GHI holds virtual grand rounds with distinguished speakers. Previous Grand Rounds include:

  • Connections Betyween Diet and Metal Exposures in Urban Uruguyan Children - Watch here
  • Global Hazards of Herbal Remedies: Lessons from Aristolochia - Watch here
  • Global Health for the Warfighter: Military Preparedness Includes Global Health Preparedness - Watch here
  • The Global Emergence of Mosquito-borne Disease in the Americas:  Chapter 4 – Zika - Watch here
  • Infections Seeking Refugee - Infections in an increasingly Displaced World - Watch here
  • Current Public Health Challenges in Kazakhstan and Ukraine NYS-ITRP and Visiting Faculty from KMNU and SPH NaUKMA) - Watch here
  • We Are Only Killing Ourselves: How the current global health intervention paradigm may be causing more harm than good - Watch here

Global Partners

The SUNY Global Health Institute has numerous global partners that have established education and research programs with the SUNY academic health centers. One of the goals of the SUNY GHI is to build on existing partnerships and include countries in ongoing collaborations to build the scope of the partnerships. Countries that identify a need that has already been developed with another country will be able to forge new interactions that will accelerate program development to address global health challenges.


The SUNY Global Health Institute provides an outstanding infrastructure for grant applications, academic-corporate partnerships, philanthropic contributions and international economic development programs. The initiatives that are currently ongoing, as well as the planned expansion of partnerships, will create a national model for integrating regional global health programs with the rapidly evolving global community.

Academic-Business Partnerships: There has been an increasing trend to promote partnerships between academia and business as reflected in the Power of SUNY  initiative. This model provides an excellent opportunity for academic programs to incorporate key components of business development into education and research programs while allowing business partners to access SUNY global health investigators and systemwide resources. In addition, SUNY incubators and innovation hot spots provide outstanding opportunities for global health investment and technology development.

Economic Development

The SUNY system of universities and colleges are geographically dispersed in a network that provides a prime opportunity for surrounding regions to partner with ongoing global health activities. Regional programs that offer economic opportunity to New York State are likely to be models that can facilitate technology transfer and workforce development in the countries that are SUNY GHI partners. The collaboration among New York State government leadership, regional economic councils and corporate leaders will provide an innovative component that makes the SUNY Global Health Institute a unique global partner with New York State roots.

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