Our Role in UB's Strategic Plan

New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences

CIGBS plays an important role in UB 2020

The Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences (CIGBS) builds capacity internationally to promote the development of biotechnology, health care system innovation and biomedical research. Its collaborations and innovation approaches strengthen the university's leadership among a global community of scholars. 

UB’s students participate in learning experiences that build on core values and expand their perspectives as members of the global community. They conduct research projects from the perspective of investigators in a country with limited resources, which improves the student experience while also building self-confidence and pride in themselves and the university.

The center also engages partner institutions and countries, providing novel opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate in research with community impact.

How we play a role

  • CIGBS is a unique resource for UB’s Communities of Excellence. It is experienced in building partnerships to promote research in areas that intersect with the Global Health Equity and the Genome, Environment and Microbiome communities. It also participates in regional economic development and biotechnology innovation that affects the Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies community. Learn more about the COEs.
  • CIGBS global partnerships integrate the themes: Humanity, Justice, Innovation, Environment and Health in research and capacity building projects in a way that fosters cultural exchange.
  • CIGBS develops core learning capabilities for students. It creates team science with contributors from UB and partner countriesThe in-country nature of these projects helps develop domain knowledge and critical thinking while promoting collaboration and interactive team science to address complex problems. With the opportunities to visit other countries, the students are motivated to travel to new environments, which can lead to a pride in their educational institution and a further desire to contribute to UB's well-being following graduation.