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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic vision

UB 2020 is UB’s far-reaching vision for our continued growth as a world-class public research university.
Impactful Research

We take an interdisciplinary and innovative approach to research, focusing our faculty strength and integrating our research, education and engagement activities in response to the most challenging problems and questions of our time.

WHAT IS UB 2020?

The University at Buffalo’s mission as a leading 21st-century research university is dedicated to advancing the greater public good through our ideas, discoveries and innovations. | Learn more.


UB 2020 News

Dori Sajdak is helping to create and manage the massive network for the SC supercomputing conference.


The funded projects are focused on improving our understanding of the human genome and microbiome.

Feeling the Impact
“Our signature ‘UB Curriculum,’ UB’s new general education program, provides students with the liberal arts foundation, international perspective, appreciation for human and cultural diversity, and desire to be lifelong learners needed to thrive in our complex and global society.”
Charles F. Zukoski, Provost
University at Buffalo