Jobs & Assistantships

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Working through college is more than a source of income, it's your opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable work experience. Visit UB's Career Design Center website for information about on- and off-campus jobs, including work study, part-time and summer opportunities as well as jobs for international students.

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Obtain an Assistantship

Assistantships give you the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge while providing financial support. While most assistantship information can be obtained through your department, these general requirements can help you along the way.

There are three general categories of assistantships:

  • Teaching assistantships.
  • Graduate assistantships.
  • Research assistantships.

Recipients of full assistantships generally work approximately 20 hours per week teaching, conducting research or doing administrative work. In return for this commitment, students are paid a stipend and may also receive a full or partial tuition scholarship. Recipients are still responsible for school fees.

Assistantship Requirements:

  • Assistants must be full-time matriculated graduate or professional students at UB who are able to devote their full attention to their graduate program.
  • Teaching and graduate assistantship appointments are typically made by individual departments, usually on an annual basis.
  • Research assistant awards are provided by departments and/or faculty members holding research grants or contracts.
  • Ordinarily, it is expected that assistants will not hold jobs outside the university; the department chair may grant exceptions to this policy in cases of unusual economic necessity or other extraordinary circumstances.
  • Teaching and graduate assistants on the state payroll are unionized at the University at Buffalo and receive benefits through their affiliation with the Graduate Student Employees Union, including state-subsidized health insurance and a transportation fee waiver

For more information about policies regarding the award and use of graduate tuition scholarships, please see the Provost’s Guidelines for Graduate Tuition Scholarships. Please contact your department of interest about assistantship opportunities, including deadlines and criteria for assistantship awards.