Food Equity | Student Poster | 2019


Barriers to smallholder farmer well-being in Clarendon, Jamaica

Daniela Leon, Erin Sweeney, Subrat Kumar Sahu, Bijayini Mohanty, Zhu Jin, Sylvia Kelly, Samina Raja
Farmers in Jamaica.


  • Smallholder farmers are a key part of the global food system; although they operate on about 12 percent of the world’s agricultural land,1 smallholder farmers produce approximately 80 percent of the world’s food2
  • Food system stakeholders in Clarendon, Jamaica benefit from many innovative policies and programs that encourage collaboration among government and civil society agencies
  • Yet, interviews and field visits with smallholder farmers indicate that they struggle with the pressures brought by external forces such as urbanization, globalization, and extreme weather events
  • These external forces exacerbate existing challenges such as limited market access, lack of central distribution infrastructure, and concerns about the long-term

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  • 2/12/21
    Plan-REFUGE aspires to understand and mitigate food inequities experienced by small-holder farmers in the Global South. Using a transdisciplinary approach we investigate how small-holder farmers in the Global South adapt their daily living practices in the face of a number of challenges including globalization and climate change. Lessons from on-the-ground experiences are used to inform purposeful community development and planning strategies. The project ensures a Global South to Global South learning exchange as well as capacity building of policy makers both locally and globally through publications and trainings. Plan-REFUGE is a collaborative effort that aims to have multiple study countries including India.