Food Equity | Student Poster | 2019


The Creation of a Global Guidance Document

Sylvia Kelly, Yeeli Mui, Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah , Erin Sweeney, Camile Brown, David Goldberg, Kelsey Gosch, Domonique Griffin, Zhu Jin, Daniela Leon, Avery Sirwatka, Amani Ishemo, Radhika P Kumar, Kadmiel Martin, Sridhar Radhakrishnan, Usha Soolapani, Samina Raja
Planning for community food systems framework.


Over 380 million smallholder farmers produce more than 70% of the food in the global south, and are responsible for more than 50% of the food produced globally. Yet many smallholder farmers struggle under the pressure of globalizing economic and political environments. The report seeks to provide guidance on how local governments and planners can step into food systems planning, particularly in the Global South. Much of the current literature on food systems planning centers on experiences in the Global North, and little fits the contexts, experiences, opportunities, and challenges of communities in the Global South.

The report draws from examples of plans and policies adopted by local governments across the globe as well as open ended interviews with smallholder farmers, food systems stakeholders, and policy stakeholders to present a framework based on the aspirations, successes, and challenges of communities in the Global South. 

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  • 2/12/21
    Plan-REFUGE aspires to understand and mitigate food inequities experienced by small-holder farmers in the Global South. Using a transdisciplinary approach we investigate how small-holder farmers in the Global South adapt their daily living practices in the face of a number of challenges including globalization and climate change. Lessons from on-the-ground experiences are used to inform purposeful community development and planning strategies. The project ensures a Global South to Global South learning exchange as well as capacity building of policy makers both locally and globally through publications and trainings. Plan-REFUGE is a collaborative effort that aims to have multiple study countries including India.