Executive Committee

Joan S. Baizer, PhD

Professor of Physiology

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Phone: 716-829-3096

Email: Baizer@buffalo.edu

Glenna Bett, PhD

Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, JSMBS

Deputy Director, Gender Institute 2012-21

Phone: 716-829-2344

Email: bett@buffalo.edu

Barbara Bono, PhD

Associate Professor of English, Emeritus

Co-Director, Gender Institute 2003-06

Phone: 716-645-0713

Email: bbono@buffalo.edu

Rosemary Dziak, PhD

Professor of Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine

Co-Director, Gender Institute 2005-11

Phone: 716-829-3827

Email: rdziak@buffalo.edu

Karen L. King, PhD

Executive Director

Erie County Commission on the Status of Women

Phone: 716 858-8307

Email: Karen.King@erie.gov

Kelly Hayes McAlonie.

Kelly Hayes McAlonie, AIA, LEED

Associate Vice Provost

Director, UB Capital Planning Group

Phone: 716-645-2989

Email: kmhayesm@buffalo.edu

Lorraine Oak, PhD.

H. Lorraine Oak, PhD

Associate Dean for Research Administration, CAS; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Geography; Chair, Canadian-American Studies Committee

Phone: 716-645-2711

Email: loak@buffalo.edu

Michael Rembis, PhD

Associate Professor of History;

Director, Center for Disability Studies

Phone: 716-645-8403

Email: marembis@buffalo.edu

Margaret W. Sallee, PhD

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy

Graduate School of Education

Phone: 716-645-1091

Email: mwsallee@buffalo.edu

Despina Stratigakos, PhD

Professor of Architecture;

Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence Deputy Director, Gender Institute 2011-12

Phone: 716-829-5893

Email: despina@buffalo.edu

Miriam Thaggert, PhD

Associate Professor


Phone: (716) 645-2575

Email: mthagger@buffalo.edu

Gwynn Thomas, PhD

Associate Professor

Chair, Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

Phone: (716) 645-0793

Email: gmthomas@buffalo.edu

Margarita Vargas, PhD

Associate Professor; Romance Languages and Literatures;

Co-Director, Gender Institute 2006-09

Phone: 716-645-0859

Email: mvargas@buffalo.edu

Lillian Williams, PhD

Associate Professor of African and African American Studies

Department of Africana and American Studies

Phone: 716-645-2082

Email: lsw4@buffalo.edu

Kari Winter, PhD

Professor of American Studies ; Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

Director, 2011-2017

Phone: (716) 645-0827

Email: kwinter2@buffalo.edu