The SUNY CPD is a collaborative central resource for the SUNY community providing access to professional development opportunities focused on the latest trends and established best practices in higher education. Their goal is to enhance the capability of SUNY faculty and staff and increase SUNY’s competitive advantage.

The SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence (COTE) is nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to academic excellence through research-driven, community-supported practices of innovative teaching, learner-centered instruction, and pedagogy-focused approaches. COTE celebrates, connects, and grows effective online education practitioners across the SUNY system while furthering knowledge of the most effective teaching and learning practices in online education. Those who are interested in improving their online teaching and learning practices and are also willing to “share what they know” are welcome.

Open SUNY COTE (and the SUNY CPD) also sponsor system-wide memberships in a number of national/international organizations and associations.

The University at Buffalo Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) serves as a nexus for campus-wide efforts to further elevate the scholarship of, and research support for, pedagogical advancement and improved learning. CEI is committed to advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning through integrated services, education, research and development related to university teaching, learning and assessment.

The SUNY Learning Commons is designed to allow SUNY learners and educators to find available learning opportunities across campuses through course and program catalogs; easily access information to establish a plan for degree completion; track learning activities and progress toward degree completion; form and join communities of interest and communities of practice; connect with other learners and educators; access scholarly and instructional materials through a Learning Object Repository (i.e., Open SUNY Affordable Learning Solutions); access resources, standards, policies, and best practices within a community of practice; operate collaborative tools that allow learners and educators to work together actively at a distance; and experiment with new communication tools to enhance teaching and learning.

DOODLE is an association of individuals with administrative responsibilities for online and distance learning (ODL) programs on SUNY campuses. Invited guests include representatives from SUNY System Administration, CUNY, and other relevant organizations.

The goal of UB CIRTL (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning) is to prepare future faculty and contribute to a network of education professionals dedicated to advancing excellence and innovation in teaching. UB CIRTL is open to all graduate students and postdocs at UB. To increase diversity in STEM disciplines, the CIRTL Network has an emphasis on STEM disciplines. However, UB CIRTL is open to all disciplines.

EDUCAUSE is a higher education technology association and the largest community of IT leaders and professionals committed to advancing higher education.