What is HyFlex, and how do I do it well?

A Hybrid-Flexible or HyFlex course is a student-centered model of class delivery that can integrate in-class instruction, online synchronous video sessions, or asynchronous content delivery. As an instructor, you deliver the class as you would in a regular classroom, but students may attend in person, participate in the class through video conferencing, or watch a recording of the class session.

This model provides the most flexibility for students. From the instructor’s perspective, it can be challenging because you need to pay attention to and plan for multiple audiences. Effectively teaching with this model requires much more planning than teaching to a regular class or even to an online-only class. 

The following materials provide an overview of how to design HyFlex instruction. Challenges as well as suggestions about ways to overcome those challenges are identified to help you teach effectively using this model. Additional resources are also provided to help you be successful.

Preparing to teach a HyFlex course

When you are preparing to teach a HyFlex course you need to plan as if you were teaching an online course and you need to plan for how you will manage your in-class learning activities so that they are engaging for people in the room and connected synchronously. Instructors need to pay attention to both pedagogical and technology considerations.

Ensure accessibility for all learners

When designing course materials and planning learning activities, make sure you’re taking into account any accessibility needs your students may have.

  • Use the ALLY tool in Blackboard/UB Learns to make sure that materials are in an accessible format.
  • Make sure all videos in your course, including videos you link to from other sources, have accurate captions. Be sure to enable auto-captioning in Panopto.
  • Use the assessment settings in Blackboard/UB Learns to offer additional time to students who need it when taking exams or quizzes online.
Where to go for additional Help

For comprehensive resources, visit UB Teach Anywhere. For help with learning how to use the technology in your classroom or for support on how to use Panopto or Zoom contact the UBIT helpdesk or visit their support site, UB Information Technology.

For help on teaching strategies and how to prepare your materials for HyFlex teaching contact the Center for Educational Innovation or your departmental instructional support staff.

Published July 23, 2020

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