Aria Lynn Fischman Wiseblatt

Aria Wiseblatt.

Predoctoral Fellow


Contact Information

O'Brian Hall
211 Mary Talbert Way
Buffalo, NY 14260

Primary Research Areas

Alcohol use and consequences; drinking, hookups and other predictors of sexual victimization for college women of different races; bystander intervention

Publications Presentations Published Abstracts

Representative and Recent Publications

Levy, S., Tennerman, N., Marin, A., Wiseblatt, A., Shrier, L., Garvey, K., Dedeoglu, F., Fishman, L., Weitzman, E. (2020). Development of Safety Flag Reporting Protocol for Research into Adolescent Substance Use. Journal of Adolescent Health.

Levy, S., Wiseblatt, A., Straus, J. H., Strother, H., Fluet, C., & Harris, S. K. (2020). Adolescent SBIRT practices among pediatricians in Massachusetts. Journal of Addiction Medicine, 14(2), 145-149.