Pathways to Substance Use, Misuse and Addiction


Our researchers study the many factors that can lead to addiction, including prenatal exposure to alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, social/cultural influences, family dynamics and personality types.

Research on pathways to substance use, misuse and addiction ranges from studies of the prevalence of and risk factors for prescription drug use, alcohol/energy drink misuse, and other addictive behaviors such as gambling; to prenatal exposure to substances and postnatal environment on the development of problem behavior and substance use; to intimate partner behaviors in the development of and recovery from alcohol, tobacco and drug misuse.

Current pathways research

This research will examine the impact of never being deployed and separation from the military on substance use outcomes for both soldiers and their spouses.
This project will study the role of internalizing problems (e.g., anxiety and depression) and social context (e.g. peers, parents) on the development of substance use in adolescents.
Leonard | Elkin
This project will create an integrated database of the Client Data System of the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) and NYS Medicaid records to determine the risk of opioid/benzodiazepine use and misuse for patients with alcohol use disorder.
Eiden | Nickerson | Lucke | Ostrov | Godleski | Schuetze | Wieczorek
This study will examine developmental pathways to violence, victimization and substance use in adolescents exposed to high levels of community violence.
O’Connor | Bradizza
This project will assess whether removing ventilation from cigarette filters lowers cigarette product appeal among smokers.