UB Addiction News

CRIA faculty members comprise a dynamic research community at UB who make news with their breakthroughs in studying the causes, consequences and biology of addiction.


A UB professor and two alums are co-authors of a study in the New England Journal of Medicine that identified vitamin E acetate as a likely culprit.


UB historian David Herzberg says the government has tried to harness a profit-driven drug industry to serve public health before.


Tracey A. Ignatowski, PhD, assistant professor of pathology and anatomical sciences, has developed a treatment for chronic pain that could have an impact in dealing with the opioid crisis.


David Dietz, PhD, associate professor and chair of pharmacology and toxicology, is senior author on a pair of papers dealing with the study of drug relapse.


The nation’s first Opioid Intervention Court (OIC) was established in Buffalo in 2017 after — in a single week — three traditional drug-treatment court defendants fatally overdosed on opioids before their second court appearance.


From opium to the opioid epidemic, a UB pharmacologist’s new book explores the eternal quest to kill pain and attain new levels of consciousness.


A UB study has found that a mother’s warmth and sensitivity during active play, non-feeding interactions, was associated with reduced obesity risk from infancy to second grade in popuations at risk.


A strong positive relationship with their mother may help prevent teens from entering an abusive relationship later in life.