Kyler S. Knapp, PhD

Kyler S. Knapp, PhD.

Postdoctoral Fellow

School of Social Work

Contact Information

218 Parker Hall
Phone: (616) 389-3678

Primary Research Areas

Alcohol use disorder treatment; alcohol recovery; ecological momentary assessment; emotion dynamics


Representative and Recent Publications

Apsley, H.B., Santos-Lozada, A.R., Knapp, K.S., Gray, J., Hard, G.A., & Jones, A.A. (2023). Non-engagement in substance use treatment among women with an unmet need for treatment: A latent class analysis on multidimensional barriers. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 242, 109715.

Petrie, D., Knapp, K.S., Freet, C.S., Deneke, E., Brick, T.R., Cleveland, H.H., & Bunce, S.C. (2022). Prefrontal cortical response to natural rewards and self-reported anhedonia are associated with greater craving among recently withdrawn patients in residential treatment for opioid use disorder. Brain Research Bulletin, 190, 32-41.

Chiang, S.C., Knapp, K.S., Bai, S., Cleveland, H.H., & Harris, K.S. (2022). Examining within- and between-person facets of negative affect and associations with daily craving among young adults in substance use disorder recovery. Addiction Research & Theory.

Knapp, K. S., Cleveland, H. H., Apsley, H.B., & Harris, K. S. (2021). Using daily diary methods to understand how college students in recovery use social support. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 130, 108406.

Knapp, K. S., Brick, T. R., Bunce, S. C., Deneke, E., & Cleveland, H. H. (2021). Daily meaningfulness among patients with opioid use disorder: Examining the role of social experiences during residential treatment and links with post-treatment relapse. Addictive Behaviors, 119, 106914.

Cleveland, H. H., Knapp, K. S., Brick, T. R., Russell, M. A., Gajos, J. M., & Bunce, S. C. (2021). Effectiveness and utility of mobile device assessment of subjective craving during residential opioid dependence treatment. Substance Use & Misuse, 56(9), 1284–1294.

Jenkins, G.J., Cleveland, M.J., Knapp, K.S., Bunce, S.C., & Cleveland, H.H. (2021). Examining the time-varying association of negative affect and covariates with craving during treatment for prescription opioid dependence with two types of mixed models. Addictive Behaviors, 113, 106674.

Knapp, K.S., Bunce, S.C., Brick, T.R., Deneke, E., & Cleveland, H.H. (2020). Daily associations among craving, affect, and social interactions in the lives of patients during residential opioid use disorder treatment. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 35(5), 609-620.