Maria Testa, PhD

Maria Testa, PhD.

Research Scientist Emeritus

Social Psychology

Department of Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences

Contact Information

1021 Main Street
Buffalo, NY  14203-1016
Phone: (716) 887-2560
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Primary Research Areas

Sexual assault; partner violence; women’s sexual behavior; college drinking

Research Publications Expertise

Research Projects

  • Proximal Effects of Marijuana in Understanding Intimate Partner Violence
    Testa | Derrick | Leonard | Collins
    The acute effects of marijuana use within couples was examined as a way of understanding the potential role of marijuana in understanding partner aggression, both immediately after use, and as it develops over time
  • Peer Victimization as a Pathway to Adolescent Substance Use
    Livingston | Miller | Testa | Derrick | Lucke | Nickerson
    This research examined the conditions under which bullying and sexual harassment among teens may contribute to emotional distress and the development of substance use.
  • Men’s Alcohol Use and Perpetration of Sexual Aggression
    Testa | Leonard | Parks
    The role of college men’s alcohol use in sexual aggression perpetration was examined using 1) a prospective survey study over five semesters and 2) a 56-day daily report study considering whether drinking episodes increase the odds of subsequent sexual aggression.
  • Alcohol and Couples Communication
    Testa | Leonard | Quigley
    Two studies considered the acute effects of alcohol use within couples on conflict and aggression: 1) an experimental alcohol administration study using a conflict resolution paradigm and 2) a 56-day daily diary study examining whether drinking episodes increase the odds of subsequent partner aggression.
  • Study of Health and Adult Relationship Experiences
    Leonard | Testa | Quigley | Houston | Homish
    Researchers examined the relationship between heavy drinking, impulsivity and aggression in married couples.
  • Video Vignettes: Measuring Risk Perception in Alcohol Related Sexual Assaults
    Parks | Testa | Dearing | Hequembourg
    Researchers developed short video clips of potential assault scenarios to help women better understand the nonverbal cues that could indicate the risk of sexual assault.