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Australian Drug Information Network

The Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN) provides a central point of access to Internet-based alcohol and drug information provided by prominent organizations in Australia and internationally. ADIN brings alcohol and drug information to the user via a large collection of websites, and links the user to websites and databases on the world wide web. Through ADIN, interested organizations and individuals can search, receive and share current relevant information on licit and illicit drug issues.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA), Ottawa, Ontario

The CCSA is an arms-length, national agency, established in 1988 by an Act of Parliament. The centre promotes informed debate on substance abuse issues and encourages public participation in reducing the harm associated with drug abuse; disseminates information on the nature, extent and consequences of substance abuse; and supports and assists organizations involved in substance abuse treatment, prevention and educational programming.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is the largest mental health and addictions facility in Canada. Created in 1998 through the merger of the Addiction Research Foundation, the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, the Donwood Institute and the Queen Street Mental Health Centre, its mission is to integrate biological, social and clinical research; translate research into practical treatment; and integrate the treatment of alcohol, drug and mental disorders.

Institute for Social Drug Research

Founded in 2002, the Institute for Social Drug Research (ISD) is part of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology of the Faculty of Law, University of Ghent, Belgium. The ISD is a research group that wants to play a prominent part in the social scientific collection and transfer of knowledge regarding different aspects of the use of drugs, drug trafficking and drug policies. The term ‘drugs’ refers to all psycho-active substances regardless of their legal status.

United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP), Vienna, Austria

The United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, which consists of the United Nations International Drug Control Programme and the United Nations Centre for International Crime Prevention, is established to enable the organization to focus and enhance its capacity to address the interrelated issues of drug control, crime prevention and international terrorism in all its forms.

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UB’s Clinical and Research Institute on Addictions (CRIA) is a long-standing national leader in the study of alcohol and substance abuse. For nearly 50 years, CRIA has conducted groundbreaking research on significant addiction issues, including:

Part of UB’s Downtown Campus, CRIA is a key contributor to UB’s reputation for research excellence and a proud member of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. 

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