Counting Carbon

Every item purchased, every mile traveled, every bit of electricity used, every bit of waste we generate- all of this is part of UB's greenhouse gas impact. But how do we measure this? 


On this page, you'll find resources as to how UB goes through the process of collecting the data for its assessment, as well as opportunities for you to learn how to do this for other organizations or your own life.

Calculating UB's Impact

Carbon Reduction Challenge

The Carbon Reduction Challenge (GLY479/579), co-taught each spring by Dr. Elizabeth K. Thomas, assistant professor in Geology and Ryan McPherson, UB Chief Sustainability Officer, is an interdisciplinary seminar-style science course that relies on subject matter experts from across the UB campus and beyond, encouraging lively discussion of both current events and past developments relevant to our energy and climate future. The main student activity is the semester-long "Carbon Reduction Challenge” project, which is carried out by teams of 2 to 3 students in collaboration with local businesses and organizations. The project involves designing, pitching, and implementing creative strategies to avoid carbon emissions and, where possible, identify benefits to all three legs of the triple bottom line: People-Planet-Profit.

Carbon Reduction Challenge.
Carbon pitch.

Interested in counting your personal GHG footprint?

There are many tools available for you to calculate your own carbon footprint. Use the resources below to see just how much of an impact you have on our planet, and assess ways to decrease your emissions.